Building a Home? Have an NJ Landscape Design Team from the Very Start

February 11th, 2015 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Landscape Design

First-time New Jersey homeowners who are getting a house built from the ground up sometimes leave the landscape work for when after the house is done. However, designing the landscape along with the architecture can translate to a much more efficient and streamlined building process for everyone involved. An interview on the subject further explained this advantage:

Planning the design of the property along with the design of the house brings better organization to a project. If the landscape designer, architect and builder can think everything through together, it not only helps to meet the homeowners’ requirements, but often elevates their goals. It enables continuity between the construction of the home and its outdoor amenities like pools, patios and plantings. It also ensures that the structure works well with the elevations of the property, including such considerations as the best way to enter the property and the ideal number of steps to access the house. While we do not set out to influence the architect’s design, we often can enhance the outcome by helping to identify the property’s positive or negative attributes. Addressing these elements at the initial stages of the design can help save time, and avoid potential problems.

Taking the three elements—the landscape design, architecture, and construction—together creates a well-rounded approach to the home building process that enables those working on the project to see the big picture. Such a setup helps designers and builders collaborate to make certain that all the interior and exterior elements of the house work together to meet and even exceed the desires of the homeowner.

Leaving the landscape planning for later can spell aesthetic and practical problems. Incorrect elevations, for example, can lead to expensive drainage problems that would require retaining walls or seepage tanks to fix, which in turn will subtract from the outside appeal of the home. Not consulting with an NJ landscape design expert may also result to the destruction of flora around the property; this could be avoided if the landscape is taken into consideration before the building process begins. Such conflicts between plans and execution can be costly in terms of materials, man-hours, and design alterations.

With these potential issues, involving skilled NJ landscape designers such as Tapestry Landscape Architecture from the very start of a project not only would make the owner’s vision for the home clearer, but will also enhance the harmony between the house and its surrounding property.


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