How NJ Commercial Landscape Design Can Be a Huge Business Booster

February 11th, 2017 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Landscape Design

It turns out that plants and trees offer more than just aesthetic value to spaces where they are placed in. Several studies have found that green spaces may have economic benefits to businesses, placing commercial spaces in an advantageous position to reap the multi-faceted rewards of investing in beautifying the areas around their properties.

An article from the Project Evergreen website provided compelling data on the subject, drawing on various research projects to support the claims. To begin with, a study has found that customers are willing to pay around 12% more for products sold in places that have landscaped surroundings. The positive feelings associated with green areas also tended to more attract visitors and tourists to commercial districts, which in turn contributed to greater growth.

In addition, landscape has been identified as a factor in elevating a location to a prime commercial spot. According to the Project Evergreen article, “Roadside Studies by the University of Washington stated that drivers indicated it was easier to locate roadside businesses when they were framed by trees and vegetation, rather than having this green material removed.” Plant life therefore attracts more traffic, which results into added visitors–and by extension, potential customers–for businesses.

Small enterprises listed the closeness of green areas and open spaces as an important consideration when it comes to choosing a location for their venture. However, not only is good landscaping a win for business owners, but it can also boost rank-and-file morale in several ways: Employees with a clear view of plants and trees outside the workplace reported more job satisfaction and less stress than those who don’t, and they also experience fewer ailments like headaches. Moreover, such a view can help workers rest and relax, which translates to greater productivity.

For establishments in the Tri-State area, these undertakings are the domain of expert landscapers such as Tapestry Landscape Architecture. From landscaping services to swimming pool designs in NJ, large-scale projects should only be entrusted to professionals to ensure quality results.

Beautiful landscapes are sizable but worthy investments, and NJ commercial landscape design projects should be a fusion of creative design, architecture, and a green hand in order to enhance sites as places that businesses could both benefit from and be proud of.

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