Landscape Architecture Firm

“Our award winning projects in residential master planning, garden design, and commercial/public space design prove our efforts as a team are a success.”

We are proud to be a Licensed Landscape Architecture Firm. From our years of education, practical experience, and a state issued certification by examination, we are well qualified to practice our trade. Through our professional society, the American Society of Landscape Architects, we keep abreast of new technologies and practices that are environmentally sensitive and are more value conscience. Our award winning projects in residential master planning, garden design, and commercial/public space design prove our efforts as a team are a success.

Our landscape designers and landscape architects are some of the best in the landscape architecture industry today. We are always aiming to perfect our craft and utilize the newest technologies and advances available as we continue to grow and expand year after year. Tapestry Landscape Architecture takes pride in finding the most qualified and unique landscape designers and architects to join our elite team, that bring new perspectives and designs to the company, while continually upholding our standard of excellence. We also work closely with our sister companies Scenic Landscaping and Tranquility Pools to deliver the very best in award winning service and a full turnkey operation on projects for every client.

Custom pool landscape and patio design

Each one of our licensed architects and designers bring a different element of expertise to the table, bringing creative and insightful designs that bring initial concepts to life. Our designers and architects are knowledgeable in all aspects of horticulture, ensuring the plants, flowers and specimens used on your property are the best fit for longevity. The amount of light, moisture and animals prone to your area affect each choice, and our staff will ensure you are incorporating the very best options. No matter the scale or magnitude of the job, Tapestry’s landscape architecture firm never loses the attention to detail or the quality of craftsmanship each project requires. We take pride in each project, leaving our touch on beautifying the world around us every day.

Our landscape designers and landscape architects have created award winning designs that have proven to continually impress the masses each year. From modern living spaces, to Zen private gardens, to massive patio and inground swimming pool spaces, to complete backyard transformations there is no style or project our landscape architecture firm is incapable of bringing to fruition. Our expertise and passion for our career is shown through every project we take on. From residential jobs to commercial ones, we can help bring each property to its highest possible potential, keeping both the practicality of the space as well as the aesthetic value in harmony.

We are happy to meet with you and to discuss your vision for your residence or business space, and show you all the creative and innovative ways we can help. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our landscape architecture firm and let’s start creating the perfect space for you today.

Meet our Tapestry Team.