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Modern Landscape Architecture Designs and Popular Trends

By: on December 15th, 2015


Today, we are finding many homeowners and business owners are opting to include elements of modern landscape architecture into their property designs. While there are endless different ways to incorporate modern designs into your home, the main visions and values are true throughout. Modern landscape architecture embraces the ‘less is more’ approach in its design. Whether it is in a house design, furniture design, landscape design, or commercial building, this style will hold true.

modern landscape architecture

The use of clean sharp lines, cool colors, geometric shapes, repetition and strong contrast are used today in modern landscape architecture designs. By using the less is more approach, there is a strong visual focus on the elements that matter, and a finer attention to the details within the project. Every material used in a modern landscape architecture design is carefully crafted to ensure the final product is clean and precise.

It is important to find the balance on every project incorporating modern landscape architecture elements. The colors, the textures, the materials used and the space provided need to all be in harmony with one another. With landscaping, proper and meticulous pruning is necessary to maintain the modern clean lines of the property. Simplistic materials such as marble for a patio, provide a cool and sleek look and a neutral pallet to work with. Modern furniture is chosen to match the patio space or modern fountain and benches are chosen to accompany the garden space.

Working with a skilled landscape architect or designer can help you to create the ideal modern landscape architecture best for your property. Spacial planning, material selection, plant and specimen selection are all key components in designing your modern space. If you are looking to work with a landscape architect or designer contact us and we can arrange a free consultation for the modern design you have in mind.


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