NJ Commercial Landscape Design Firm Works with Prestigious Businesses

February 11th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Landscape Design

Haskell, New Jersey (August 27, 2014) – Tapestry Landscape Architecture, a trusted NJ commercial landscape design firm, continues to work with some of the most prestigious and distinguished commercial businesses in the tri-state area for their customized landscaping needs. These engagements include large-scale landscaping jobs and custom swimming pool designs that result in captivating spaces in hotels, apartments, resorts and country clubs.

With a goal of creating attractive spaces, the company uses varying design techniques businesses can rely on to captivate, impress, and reel in clients for more visits. Their licensed landscape architects bring different elements of expertise, which result in creative and insightful designs bringing ideas and concepts to life. They tap talents and skills in horticulture, lighting, garden making, patio construction, pool customization, and distinctive outdoor kitchen design in NJ to offer perspectives that satisfy clients beyond expectations.

Outdoor kitchens, in fact, are a new trend on the North East that’s gradually carrying over from residential to commercial places. Many of Tapestry Landscape’s clients, including country clubs, hotels, and apartment buildings, are seeking the firm’s help to include outdoor kitchens into their patio space, which results in additional space for clients to enjoy all year ‘round. They design these landscape additions to suit a grand scale, or even a confined space.

The company is proud to have award-winning designs under their belt that prestigious and distinguished businesses can refer for assurance of their high quality services. From modern living spaces to the grandest outdoor landscape improvements, Tapestry Landscape Architecture has helped countless commercial clients achieve the look they want their spaces to have. For more information on how the company can help commercial landscapes look better, visit

About Tapestry Landscape Architecture

Tapestry Landscape Architecture is a New Jersey-based firm composed of an exceptional team of Licensed Landscape Architects who garnered years of education, practical experience, and a state-issued certification exam to master and practice their trade. They are members of the American Society of Landscape Architects, always updated on the latest technologies and practices that are environmentally friendly.


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