NJ Landscape Design Tips: Designing a Flood-Resistant Backyard Garden

February 11th, 2015 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Landscape Design

New Jersey was subjected to thunderstorms earlier in July. The heavy rain caused the National Weather Service to raise a flash flood warning for NJ residents, as reported by

“The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for Somerset County as well as Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris counties and much of New Jersey, in effect through late Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

The NWS weather forecast predicted showers and thunderstorms bringing locally heavy rain Tuesday afternoon and night, with rainfall as much as three inches in a brief period of time, which could result in flash flooding. Isolated higher rainfall amounts are possible in places.

Flooding of roadways and areas with poor drainage is possible, and quick rises on streams and creeks may result from the heavy rain.”

Flood warnings are a common sight in New Jersey. As such, many residents take several measures to prevent floods from damaging their homes—such as waterproofing their basements, for instance. Unfortunately, some homeowners forget that their homes extend all the way out to their gardens.

In any case, planning your NJ landscape design properly so that it can withstand floods is a smart way to protect your investment. With that in mind, here are several steps you can take to make your garden flood-resistant:

Install a robust drainage system

It all starts with a proper drainage system in your garden. This feature can easily be disguised by placing pebbles along the path of the drain. You may also want to create subtle slopes along your garden to redirect water away from your home and into the drain.

Plant water-loving flora

Plants and trees provide a natural defense against flooding and soil erosion. All the same, heavy flooding can kill certain plants due to the overexposure to water. As such, you may want to spruce up your garden with water-loving flora like Spiderwort, Marsh Marigold, or Creeping Jenny.

By following these tips, you’re sure to design a garden worthy of the Garden State moniker. For more expert advice, don’t be afraid to consult experienced landscape designers in NJ like Tapestry Landscape Architecture. Experienced and professional landscapers can create a garden that is both beautiful and hardy.

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