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Outdoor Living Ideas

By: on October 22nd, 2015


Fall is a great time to clean up your yard and map out your plans and create outdoor living ideas. Now is a good time to start cleaning out and cutting back old perennials, cutting back plant material to help beautify your gardens and planning ahead for the spring season. A common mistake homeowners make is waiting for the beautiful weather to make changes to their gardens. Use your fall and winter months wisely. Spend this time of year planning and using the downtime to plan ahead. Mapping out your yard now will allow you to enjoy your yard to its fullest in the warmer months to come.

Whether it is a pool you are planning on adding to your home, or considering some outdoor living ideas, this is also the time to start making those plans. Landscape designers and pool builder’s schedules get busy quickly. It is best to be on their list early on in the season, by the time the warm weather comes around again they will be booked up. If you want to have a pool to enjoy by the summertime, the sooner you start making arrangements the better. Winter is perfect downtime to have a landscape architect and designer help you hammer out all the details and get the permits in motion to start a new project.

Bars and outdoor kitchens are common when looking to convert your backyard to a new pool area with an entire outdoor living space. Being able to cook dinner outside and enjoy a nighttime swim are wonderful family perks to enjoy in the summertime. It’s always beneficial with outdoor living ideas to stay a few weeks ahead of schedule. This is also key when it comes to booking time with your landscape company. Mums are the top priorities now so do not hesitate to call. It’s important to schedule the time before their days become too busy and limited.

Since there are no guarantees, start preparing your yard in the latter part of fall to brave the dropping temperatures. Be sure to clean leaves that could damage your lawn, blow debris back into woods to form natural mulch and it is beneficial to “ put your lawn to rest” with the use of winter fertilizers. Rest assured, before you know it early spring will arrive again, with those promising first signs of your budding spring bulbs. And if you plan accordingly, your outdoor living ideas will become outdoor living rooms once the weather turns once again.


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