Tips on Commercial Landscape Design in NJ: Summer Gardening for Hotels Tapestry Landscape Architecture

Tips on Commercial Landscape Design in NJ: Summer Gardening for Hotels

By: on February 11th, 2015


It would be quite disappointing if your hotel building, a haven for visitors to the Garden State, greets guests with a poorly maintained yard and lawn. Fortunately, you can count on an NJ commercial landscape design contractor like Tapestry Landscape Architecture to make sure that vegetation on your property stays in prime condition throughout the changing seasons. This summer, be sure to carry out these measures:

Maintain fruit trees

Many fruit trees thrive and bear fruit in the summer. See to it that no ripe fruit falls flat on your garden’s pavement, which may make for an unpleasant sight. You should also take the necessary steps to keep bees and fruit flies away. Don’t forget to water your trees so the leaves stay green.

Replace the mulch

This task should take place not only in the summer but also all year around, especially if you want to maintain the healthy growth of your trees and plants and keep them aesthetically pleasing. Mulch helps suppress the growth of weeds that could prevent the essential nutrients in the soil from reaching your plants, not to mention the fact that a hotel garden teeming with weeds isn’t exactly very welcoming.

Trim the bushes

Hotel Management associate editor Elliott Mest writes about the importance of keeping your trees, bushes and shrubs well-trimmed throughout the summer:

“Seasonal trimming for bushes and shrubbery can also create extra space for hotel gardens. The Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center has two planting beds for growing herbs and flowers for hotel use, and produces mints to accompany summer drinks alongside other options. Tom Puntel, director of sales and marketing at the property, suggests weekly upkeep after cutting back to ensure the maximum possible space is used.”

Save water

Watering is necessary for any garden or landscape, but it can also be quite costly. You can minimize water consumption by having rain sensors installed. These devices tell you just how much water your garden’s plants have already received, thus enabling you to water your plants at a more appropriate time. Yet another practical way to cut down on watering is to invest in drought-tolerant plants and trees.

Count on a company like Tapestry Landscape Architecture for excellent landscape and swimming pool designs in NJ that punctuate the beauty of your establishment. Likewise, heed the advice of such an expert on how to maintain these property features in excellent condition, both in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics.


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